Heart & Sole Cancer Association is a non-profit organization developed for Mitchell and the surrounding area. The money available has been raised by local sponsors, memorials, the Heart & Sole Walk and individuals whose intent is to help people who have cancer. 

If you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with cancer, and you are in need of assistance, and have been unable to obtain needed assistance through insurance, the American Cancer Society or other sources, Heart & Sole Cancer Association may be able to provide some assistance.

Board members include: 

  • Mary Alexander
  • Pat Essig
  • Shawna Huls
  • Short Larson
  • Brandon Manchester
  • Tami Morgan
  • Terry Torgerson

Click here for the Heart & Sole Cancer Assistance Application form

For more information contact any board member.

Mitchell Heart & Sole Cancer Assitance
PO Box 1412
Mitchell, SD 57301






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